10 Questions To Ask When Hiring a Tree Care Service

  • Will they provide an up-to-date certificate of insurance and a copy of their work contract?
  • What are their credentials?
  • Can they provide a list of references?
  • Will they give you a detailed estimate?
  • How will the job be approached and what equipment will they use?
  • How long will the project take?
  • Does the company appear professional?
  • Do they use spikes to climb trees while pruning?
  • Do they advertise “topping” (removing live sections from the top of the tree)?
  • Will the crew be using hardhats and other personal protective equipment while on your property?


Excellent Job!

“I used Complete Tree Care & Landscape, LLC in the past and both times were excellent! I had a tree in my yard I was going to remove myself then chickened out when I realized just how close this was to a power line. These guys are professional and make it look so easy!”

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